About Titran's Cattery

Titrans' familyPlease let me introduce myself: my name is Renée Lanser-Weissbach. Born with a German passport, I have been living abroad all my life. Professionally I have been active in the crisis management, consultancy and executive coaching business. Since 2008, I am now at home and can fool around and enjoy all day long with my cats and kittens.

PeterSince March 2006, I'm now living happily with my husband Pieter and our cats in a lovely, small town called Vlijmen, close to the city of  's Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

After the nomadic eighties and early nineties with two neutered Norwegian males, I settled down for ten years in Brussels and decided to start a cattery devoted to the Norwegian Forest Cat.
My decision to start breeding Norwegian Forest Cats on a small scale was based on three reasons which are still valid today:
  • I wanted to contribute to the development of this breed in Belgium where surprisingly there were very few then, compared with the surrounding countries like Germany, France or the Netherlands where you could find so many fans and breeders of the Wegies. Nowadays, you regularly see Norwegians winning shows in Belgium and there are a few more breeders.
  • My intention to do my share of serious breeding work in order to help to preserve and to improve the health & beauty of the breed.
  • And last but not least, the- very selfish- pleasure to enjoy every day the beauty and wonderful character of these big wild looking cats.

    The goal setting of my breeding plan is quite clear: based on the very best available breeding lines, breed big, strong, healthy cats of fine type with an excellent sweet temper.
    The perfect triangular head with a straight profile, reasonably big ears with tuffs & following the wedge as well as almond shaped, very expressive eyes don't allow any confusion with the American cousin.
    A crisp fur texture with a lot of undercoat as well as the traditional well-developed knickers and ruff, are the additional attributes of the Norwegians with the wild look. All that should be completed by a very balanced and sweet temper which is so typical for that breed.
If the quality of the breeding lines and adequate matings are important, a healthy start in life is at least equally important. That's the reason why all our breeding cats have been tested recently on GSD IV, PKD, CIN and HCM. For HCM, CIN & PKD there are no valid genetic tests for our breed so we follow this test scheme:

  • - All our breeding cats are tested before they get their first offspring, whatever their age is at that moment
  • - After that, each cat will be re-tested regularly every two years until the age of seven years and one last time when he/she is withdrawn from breeding.
Beside all that, we give each kitten lots of love, attention and care, in order to make sure it becomes a playful, healthy and purring companion to his new owners.
We believe full vaccination coverage, repeated worming, veterinarian supervision as well as healthy food and good care are guarantees for a healthy, purring and well balanced kitten which will be a good companion to you for many years.
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