News of 15/11/2015

News of 15/11/2015
  • 15 November 2015

We are slowly getting our old life back.

And that feels really great. In July our two first litters of this year were born the same day and we have seen them been born and growing up probably with even more love, joy and tenderness than ever before. One by one they have now moved to their new homes and we are delighted to get regularly some news from their new owners, telling us how happy they are with their new fur balls.
The month of August remembered us that the life of a cat breeder can sometimes be hard and full of disappointments. Antigone became suddenly completely apathic  at the very end of her pregnancy. Examenination didn't show what was the problem. My request to have her blood values checked before the caesarian probably saved her life. Diagnosis: twisted uterus with rupture, kittens all 5 stillborn in utero, Antigone quick and alive luckily but of course neutered. And there goes your 5-6 generations consistent breeding program...
October became the month of the health checks. Two times I drove with a car full of cats to Brussels, for the bi-annual HCM- & PKD tests. Dr Cohen-Solal received us as she does since more than ten years with the same high expertise  and great courtesy. Getting 15 times the same message that all is fine and healthy feels exactly as good as it did the first time.

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