Blog 31.12.2016

Blog 31.12.2016
  • 17 January 2017

The end of the year is the typical best moment for some reflections about the year that's ends as well as to have a glimpse at the plans for the year to come.

A logic consequence of  the fairly long period we had to give contraceptive pill to our females in 2015 (very unsual in our cattery) were some serious troubles with uterus infections which requested on doctor's order that a few unplanned litters were born during 2016. But we're happy those problems are solved by  now. All our 2016 kittens have found new loving & caring homes, who send us regularly good news as well as some nice pictures.

During springtime I spent quite some time and effort following the courses and performing the 20 days practical work, in order to obtain the now requested degree for all cat & dog breeders in the Netherlands  Besluit Houders Hond & Kat. Interesting, of a high level... graduated Cum Laude ;-).

Summertime brought the most exceptional kitten ever born at Titran's: Mylord Falstaff. Like no one else but still a full bred NFO, a hypothyroiditis gave him more the looks of a British Longhair. Once the right diagnosis was found and the medication started, he developed more and more into a Norwegian Forest cat and is now even playful and energetic as all  other kittens of the house. Please have a look at Press to find his full story.

The automn of 2016 has been a quite dramatic and stressful in our cattery as we lost two of our beloved kittens aged 6 & 7 weeks to a poisoning by nitrate. The long way to find the origin of the poisoning is a long story which will be told here in a few weeks as a warning to all breeders and owners of kittens.

And now  at last winter is here and the last kittens of the year are leaving, the females get slowly again into heat and the first plans for 2017 start to get more and more specific (see Plans).

We wish you all and your families and friends a healthy, happy and successful New Year surrounded by lovely Norwegians, big or small.

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