Blog 24 10 2017

Blog 24 10 2017
  • 06 November 2017

Our most amazing litter in 17 years of breeding has turned today one month old. On 24.09.2017, our Forgie (Shadow Eyes Forget-Me-Not) gave birth without any serious complications to a litter of... 12(!) kittens.

Something that has never  been seen yet in the world of the Norwegian Forest Cat. And most  extraordinary is that all kittens are fine and growing nicely. That's more than a breeder is entitled to hope for when such a (too) big litter is born.  
Proud mum luckely got great help of two of our other females who provided not only most valuable care & cleaning but most importantly additional nipples full of milk. And so it happened that we are the happy breeders of such a big litter who haven't been entitled to bottle feed. :-). Dad Valentino av Härjedalen as a real macho he is, has left it over to the  females.:-)
We started weaning rather early, with 21 days of age, as the weight curbs started to stagnate quite logically and of course that week has been rather eventful for the small ones. The discovery of solid food, the training of the litterbox, starting investigating the surroundings in a large kitten space, etc.
You can follow their  development as  weekly we update their pictures here:

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