It’s springtime !

It’s springtime !
  • 14 May 2014

After a few calm and very relaxed months without kittens, we are back !

It’s always, even after 15 years of breeding, a moment full of magic and emotions when the first bellies get gently rounded and after a few more weeks the first kittens come into the world under the loving & protective supervision and care of their mum. And 2.5-3 weeks later they start discovering that there is more than just their birth box… the living room, the cat trees, then the rest of the house and finally our fenced garden.
Our black beauty, SC Titran’s Telemachos DSM & DVM got a new title: National Winner 2013 and he even managed to get on the front page of  the newpapers as he finished #1 in the Skogkatt of the Year ( )  worldwide contest ;-) Useless to say we are very proud of his achievements.
Come and discover without further delay, the latest news on the plan, kitten & youngsters pages… And come back regularly as there will quite some more exciting news during the coming weeks & months.
As usual, you can see much more pictures of our cats & kittens on flickr and every week there are new ones to discover.

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