Titran's new website

Titran's new website
  • 05 September 2012

It's now a month ago that we started this new Titran's website. Things are going fine and we hope to have a finalized, double checked and up to date English version in the air by the end of this week 36. The three other versions in French, Dutch and German will be available by the end of September 2012. Since our first blog, there are some changes in the categories females, males, neutered as well as memory.

Yes, Memory... It was a very sad day for us when we lost IC Karat' Cats Virginia Woolf, our beloved Woolfie to a devastating and very aggressive almost fulgurant liver infection. We couldn't do more for her than let her go over the Rainbowbridge without having to suffer too much or too long...but we miss her dearly every day. For us, she was so much more than the exquisite breeding queen who have put a strong pawmark on the NFO world with kittens and grand-children like Quintilianus, Eloïse, Esperanza, Leonora, Jasper Johns and many, many more.

You will now find all the pedigrees of our cats as well as of all litters on this  new website, The links have been transferred also.

There is a new button called Press where you can find some articles or interviews around Titran's Norsk Skogkatt cattery...and  more to come ;-).

As you have  probably already discovered, the pictures of our diaporama change every week. I would be very happy if the owners of Titran's cats and kittens would send us pictures of fine quality. We would be very happy to add those to our diaporama database and show them regularly.

That's all for now, Folks ! ;-))

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