Blog of 07.08.2015

Blog of 07.08.2015
  • 10 August 2015

So many things have happened since I wrote the last article here. Almost a year has passed and ... if we haven't been so lucky, this would have been the end.

Life remembers us sometimes in a very rude way that it is by far not always a quiet and long river. That's what has happened to us last year when I suddenly found myself back at the hospital... I left our house in the morning for what was supposed to be a heart examination and ended up in a 5 weeks stay in two hospitals.
While I was in hospital for more than 3.5 weeks just waiting for the day the surgery of four by-passes would finally take place, it's Pieter who had fully unexpectedly to cope with the running of the household, but also with the wellbeing of cats and kittens, visits of kitten buyers or visits to the vets for vaccinations and controls of all sorts. All this together with his fulltime job and daily visits to the hospital. Not a easy thing to be done, even if he got the great support & help from Christa & Annelies. He definitely made clear that he is an absolute multitasking talent.
When I finally came home short before Christmas, he got two additional tasks: caregiver and mental supporter.
After some several  complications, it was already spring when the real revalidation could finally start. At that point we were both exhausted but happy to be there.

What concerned the cattery and its future, we have taken the necessary time of reflection and thinking and we have given time the time.  Our experience has made it quite obvious that there is a big difference between a stable situation under control and a crisis situation. That's why we have decided  for the best of our cats to reduce the size of our group as well as the numbers of litters we want to breed.  We are very, very grateful to the two lovely people who have helped us to find the best homes for our young neuters. Our thanks also to their new owners who have and still do provide us with news and pictures to let us see what a wonderful life our beloved cats have now.
What you see now on our website, is the actual status... which is not a guarantee it the final status.
Meanwhile my energy level is improving month by month and thus it is fairly logic that our two first litters have been born on July, 13th 2015.
We don't know yet what future will bring. We take the time to get back on track and to slowly restart the cattery... because the love of this fantasttic breed is still there as well as the passion of breeding.

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