Blog of 07.07.2013
  • 11 July 2013

A lot of things to do those last weeks and months and so it could happen that the Titran’s homepage has been somewhat neglected lately. But here we are and here comes a major update with presentation of the new litters & the status of each kitten, as well as our new plans, a new video and plenty of new pictures as well her on the website asas on our Fflickr site.

Finally spring is there!
  • 15 April 2013

It was about time but now the first litters of 2013 have been born: the tandem of NL*Titran’s Olga Knipper  &  SC S* Rockringen’s JJF  DSM & DVM have already found their new loving homes while you can discover the litter of NL*Linn of Savita Star x IC NL*Titran’s Q-Blå Djevel as well as the one of B*Eyop’s Going On & D*Valentino av Härjedalen on the current litters page. Those are the first kittens of our two young boys and I must say we are very happy with the results which matchs our expectations.

  • 30 January 2013

We are looking urgently for a new and carrying home for Juno & Xeraphon (called Diesel).

Show brag
  • 17 January 2013

For the first time since August 2012, we have been at a cat show again, the first time without my soulmate Lenja… a quite emotional moment.

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