Christmas, kittens and other stories
  • 26 December 2012

We wish all our friends and the visitors of our site a Merry Christmas !
As model of our greeting card, we have chosen our beloved NiBo’s Ursa Yuma in the snow. She is the one, who has become world famous last year with the birth of her real twin girls Thamasina & Tameka.

Cat’s Life Magazine and other stories
  • 07 December 2012

Titran’s in China ! In our “Press” section you can find now our  interview… we gave to Cat’s Life Magazine.

A homecomer.
  • 29 November 2012

A homecomer, kittens leaving home, wegies in the bathtube (or not), our foto site on flickr, rating of a new website… a whole bunch of news of the House of Titran’s :) .

Higher & higher
  • 06 November 2012

What’s better to cheer you up and put a happy smile on your face than a bunch of lovely kittens?  So sweet when they take a nap or cuddle with each other and so full of energy and mischief when they fool around through the house and garden.

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