Cat’s Life Magazine and other stories
  • 07 December 2012

Titran’s in China ! In our “Press” section you can find now our  interview… we gave to Cat’s Life Magazine.

A homecomer.
  • 29 November 2012

A homecomer, kittens leaving home, wegies in the bathtube (or not), our foto site on flickr, rating of a new website… a whole bunch of news of the House of Titran’s :) .

Higher & higher
  • 06 November 2012

What’s better to cheer you up and put a happy smile on your face than a bunch of lovely kittens?  So sweet when they take a nap or cuddle with each other and so full of energy and mischief when they fool around through the house and garden.

Lenja ...
  • 25 October 2012

22.10.2012 such a beautiful sunny day but for me one of the sadest days...our beloved Lenja passed away. We have been fighting so hard but we lost the battle, my feline matesoul and I ... we have had so many beautiful adventures together and she will be remembered by many of you as an exceptional personality . She will surely live on through her beautiful offspring... but I miss her so much , I can't tell...

R.I.P EC SP Måneskinn's Lenja DM DSM DVM

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