Perfect results of the PK Def tests at Titran’s
  • 14 September 2013

The last two-three months, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Def)  has become a hot issue  in the international NFO world. It was by chance, thanks to some combined tests packages offered by labs like Laboklin or Antagène, that it was discovered that the NFO got hit by this disease called PK Def. Some carriers (N/K) and even a few K/K have been detected so far.
“What can be done?” was the obvious question that came up next.

Titran’s in the Air!
  • 03 September 2013

Vacation period is almost finished, the kittens leave the cattery and start their new live and the French CCFN published in its glossy magazine an extended interview about Titran’s.

Blog of 26.08.2013
  • 03 September 2013

We are looking right now for a permanent & loving new home for beautiful Callista. Due to difficult circumstances, her first owner had to take the decision to let go Callista. So she came back to her place of birth.

Blog of 07.07.2013
  • 11 July 2013

A lot of things to do those last weeks and months and so it could happen that the Titran’s homepage has been somewhat neglected lately. But here we are and here comes a major update with presentation of the new litters & the status of each kitten, as well as our new plans, a new video and plenty of new pictures as well her on the website asas on our Fflickr site.

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