Ophira vom Beekhalf

Additional Info

  • Born on: Sunday, 24 September 2017
  • Color: Black tortie smoke fs
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 3.8 kg (8 months old)


Sometimes the solution of a problem comes by surprise. That's what happened here. It all started with the very spontaneous decision of my friend Britta to bring her female Hermine for a one night stand with our stud Winnetou.
And some 9.5 weeks later, a lovely bunch of kittens were born and in the middle of it this amazing sweet Ophira.
Who has a closer look at her pedigree, will find back some lines which are very dear to me. As for example the ones of Fanelle and her daughters Xylona & Xenobia, which I have not been capable to perpetrate due to the sudden and enforceable infertility of Xylona.
Ophira is not only a wonderful representative of the NFO breed but also the ideal solution to my problem. A million thanks Britta for this jewel.

PK def: N/N by parentage
GSD IV: N/N by parentage
HCM/PKD & CIN will be tested in July 2018


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