Titran's Gabrielle d'Estrée

Additional Info

  • Born on: Tuesday, 28 November 2006
  • Color: Black tabby & white
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 6.8 Kg


I have always been quite fascinated by the size and boning of her mother's (and here mainly the female) descendants. Gabrielle has combined those points with a perfect profile, a super strong chin, a high forehead, very long tail and a wonderful coat quality. That she's missing XXL tufts and that her well placed and well opened ears could be bigger according to the fashion standards of today is one of the challenges for the next generation. That's why we will mate her in 2007 with Nero, our XXL tufts and large ears provider. Or has a famous NFO breeder we all know has put it: "we mate the best to the best and hope for the best".
Temper wise, Gabrielle is the addition of her parents: the gentleness and kindness of Wiedzmin and the playfulness of Woolfie with a part of the brightness of her grand-grand-mother Lenja. It's with great sadness, that we heard begin August 2011 that our lovely Gabrielle passed away very suddenly, killed in a few days by a lipidosis. After she had been neutered mid-2010, she gained so much weight, we knew we had to find her a new loving and carrying home where she would find only Light food. Despite all efforts and our difficult decision to relocate her and Eloïse, it wasn't meant to be... we miss you ! You will live on in your beautiful children...

Tested negative GSD IV on 05.09.2007
PKD & HCM negative 16.12.2008

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