EC Titran's Tiberius C. Nero DM

Additional Info

  • Born on: Monday, 27 May 2002
  • Color: Black n
  • Genre: Male
  • Weight: 8.2 Kg



This boy can hardly denie his mother, Serafina a Beetlejuice. From her, he got this stunning NFO expression, a very heavy bonestructure on high legs, an excellent coatquality as well as extra large eartufts and a perfectly straight profile. After four breeding seasons and a dozen successful matings the excellent breeding qualities of this outstanding male have been proven many times. He passes on a beautiful type, excellent coat quality, XXL large tufts as well as a wonderfully balanced temper as well as size and strong boning to all his kittens...
And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, Nero has died, nearly 9 years old, from a vaccine-associated sarcoma ( Very seldom but in his case violent and incurable. Nero leaves a major footprint in the European world of the NFO with his 125 descendants out of which 43 went into breeding. You can find here a list of his litters. In order to provide full transparency, you will find here his autopsy report, written by Prof. Dr. A. Gröne Dipl.ACVP. Dipl.ECVP, Head of the Pathology department of the Vetenary Faculty of the University of Utrecht.

PKD & HCM negative 23.02.2005
Tested negative GSD IV on 05.09.2007
HCM re-tested negative 13.01.2009

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