EC/Pr Pollux a Beetlejuice

Additional Info

  • Born on: Monday, 05 July 1999
  • Color: White odd eyed w63
  • Genre: Male
  • Weight: 8.2 Kg


pollux april 2

Of immaculate white color and with 6.5 kgs at the tender age of 15 months, Pollux is a quite impressive NFO. He is now the master of the house and manages his ladies with quite some macho habits. His perfect triangular headshape, the glooming blue/green odd eyes, his muscular and very long body as well as his exceptional coat quality are his main qualities beside his lovely temper.
Would the tail have been a little teeny bit longer and the ear tuffs slightly longer, we would have a very close to my ideal and perfect Norwegian forest cat. After some practice as well for our champion as for the owner, Pollux show results have reached the expected high level. He is living the life of a happy neuter since May 2002. After many happy years with us and later with his new family, Elaine & Colin, Pollux has died in September 2010. There was no cure to the complications he developed as consequence of his diabetes and an additional cholangitis. We, Elaine & Colin and Pieter & myself, miss him dearly as do many people who have met this great personality. He lives on in the children of his daughters Siddhartha, Shalimar & Tosca.

PKD & HCM negative 23.02.2005
GSD IV negative 2007

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