EC Serafina a Beetlejuice

Additional Info

  • Born on: Tuesday, 24 April 2001
  • Color: Blue a
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 5.8 Kg


Big, with enormous paws, a wonderful coat and a ravaging wegie-look: that's our Serafina. A product of the best Danish breeding lines, she is a great contribution to our cattery and a superbe grand-daughter of Bjoernstierne and daughter of Remis Felis Jubatus. A perfect head shape, a straight profile, big, well placed ears with tufts and a long, bushy tail are additional assets of this very impressive cat lady.
Her temperament is a well balanced blend of energizing intelligence and purring sweetness Beside all this, she is the living proof diluted colour doesn't necessarily mean bad, soft coat quality She had passed on to her children the best and strongest of her assets. She has proven her qualities as breeding queen: many of her kittens have been as successful as their mother. Serafina will be neutered in 2007 and she'll be enjoying the happy life of a neuter.

HCM & PKD negative 30.03.2005
Tested negative GSD IV 27.07.2007

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