EC Titran's Tosca DM

Additional Info

  • Born on: Saturday, 13 April 2002
  • Color: Blue cream tabby & white g 09 22
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 5.7 Kg


This is the first Titran's kitten that stayed at the cattery. After, our male EC Pollux a Beetlejuice got neutered, I decided I wanted to keep one of his daughters. Tosca achieves to combine the strengthens of both her parents. She is a big, strong built female with excellent boning. Her profile is long and almost perfectly straight, her big ears are wide open at the base and following the lines of the head. The long tail and an excellent coat quality are two others of her assets.
Would there be a perfect Norwegian cat, she would have a more rounded forehead. She has been a devoted and carrying mother to all her kittens. Whoever the father was, always offspring were beautiful, healthy kittens with the most wonderful temper, who start following her pawprints on the show benches as well as breeding cats.

PKD & HCM negative 23.02.2005 & 13.01.2009
Tested negative GSD IV 27.07.2007
Pk Def tested normal N/N

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