EC/JW Karat' Cats Ushuaïa DSM

Additional Info

  • Born on: Saturday, 21 June 2003
  • Color: Blue tabby mackerel
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 5.0 Kg


Our new 2003 arrival is in fact the result of Titran's “Danish” matings of 2002 and she undoubtedly has the most prestigious pedigree of all our cats. If you have a close look at Ushuaïa, you recognise the impressive strong boning, the ears with very large tufts as being her father's lines contribution while the coat quality & quantity , the NFO-expression as well as straight profile and excellent chin clearly remember her ancestors on mother's side. Attributes which make her become judge's darling very early: at the sweet age of 5 months she already became a Junior Winner and her 16 BIS during her 3-10 month career would have sufficient for a triple JW-crown.
She became Kitten nr.1 in the Skogkatt of year competition in 2003 & 2004: a result nobody else achieved so far. Many thanks to Sylvie & Jean-Michel Eglin. On May 27th, after a pregnancy which seemed normal, Ushuaïa started labour and only then we found out that she suffered from a severe pyometria due to a dead infected kitten. Emergency cesarian of two living kittens and a sterilization were too much for her. Our beautiful EC JW Karat' Cats Ushuaïa DSM died the same evening...

HCM & PKD negative 30.03.2005
Tested negative GSD IV 27.07.2007
HCM re-tested negative 13.01.2009

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