IC Karat' Cats Virginia Woolfe DM

Additional Info

  • Born on: Tuesday, 13 April 2004
  • Color: Black tortie tabby blotched f 22
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 5.2 Kg


Our 2004 new arrival is the grand-daughter of GIC S* Gomorran’s Ase, which has been neutered earlier this year. On her father’s side too, one can find some of the finest Swedish breeding lines in her pedigree. If one has a close look at Virginia Woolf, you could maybe come to the conclusion; she’s a combination of the strong points of both her parents lines: an heavy bone structure with excellent body length and height, a perfectly well balanced triangular head shape with big ears, wide open at the base, a very good chin, a profile that couldn’t be straighter as well a nicely rounded and high forehead. She won’t get any points for the wonderful coat colour of hers but for her excellent fur quality.
Tufts and tail length are ok but nothing special. Many, many thanks again to Sylvie & Jean-Michel Eglin. A few months after the litter of Winnetou & Ursa Yuma had been born, we were confronted with the devastating news of the death of our beloved IC Karat’ Cats Virginia Woolf, who died very suddenly and totally unexpectedly of complications of a severe liver infection. Always healthy and strong, Woolfie had gained quite some weight after her sterilization which became necessary after an uterus infection and so her liver got major problems to cope with her overweight. Despite all efforts of our vets, we had very rapidly to to let our beloved Woolfie pass the Rainbowbridge decide in order to avoid too much pain and suffering for her.

HCM & PKD negative 30.03.2005
Tested negative GSD IV on 05.09.2007
HCM re-tested negative 13.01.2009

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