NL*Suzeley Jo’s Lorelei

Additional Info

  • Born on: Monday, 08 April 2013
  • Color: Black tabby mackerel n 23
  • Genre: Female
  • Weight: 3,9 Kg


Sometimes there are these matings one is dreaming off and which we expect full of joy and high expectations. The one of Ceres & Telemachos is definitely a dream that came true for me.
And in the middle of this wonderful bunch of non-agoutis, one black tabby pearl : Lorelei.
Still in full development, while I write these lines, it looks like she has gotten the best of her parents. Heavy, compact body with good lenghth, long tail, the perfect coat quality of the Norwegian Forest cat and… the head of her father.
If she also gets somewhat of the exquisite look and wild expression of her grand-father Nabucco av Kiruna… my happiness as a breeder will be complete.
Many, many thanks , Suzanne for this gorgeous and precious gift.

GSD IV parents tested normal N/N
HCM & PKD: tested normal 13.05.2014
PK Def tested normal N/N

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