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When we started planning the look and configuration of this brand new Titran's website, we had to cope with two facts:
- we wanted to keep giving you access to the entire information you'd find previously on our old website.
- transferring that information to the new Titran's website would have asked tremendous & unnecessary work effort.
Therefore we have just put a link here to the old website, so you can still see what happened from 2000 until 31.12.2011 at Titran's Norsk Skogkatt cattery.
This new version starts with the information as per 01.01.2012.
We feel that maintaining full transparency and all information of the past available, is important to you.
If you have whatever questions about what you see and read on this site (old or new version), please do not hesitate to get in touch.
We'd very happy to provide you our best and most honest answer.

If you're looking for more pictures of our cats & kittens , please visit our flickr site . The best way to trace a specific cat or kitten is to use the search filed (above in the right corner).

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